A Recurring Dream Haunts Me

Over the past month, I’ve woken up once a week in a cold sweat, each time recalling more of this nightmare.

I can’t see anything; the pitch black darkness chokes the surrounding air, I feel cold and sense myself drowning. Last night I sensed a snake creeping up my body and I woke up immediately after seeing a bright flash of light.

Any dream interpreters out there know what this means? I’ll bring it up to my therapist this afternoon, maybe she has an idea.



2 thoughts on “A Recurring Dream Haunts Me

  1. Not a dream interpreter here…… But what are you drinking or eatting before bedtime…… That’s what my grandmother would always blame her bad dreams on….. Must’ve been a bad piece of fish…..


    1. Oh, it could be! I tend to eat a light slack at night, otherwise I can’t sleep well. Usually a tablespoon of peanut butter on a sliced apple does the trick for me. Maybe I got bad apples? 😉


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