I haven’t been feeling well today.  My memory seems extra fuzzy, and I’m struggling to put words to my thoughts.  I think my computer might be sick too.  Google maps keeps popping up with the address for Sevier Park.

It’s funny that it would show that address because I used to take Lovelace there all the time.  For some reason, she loved digging around that rock.


She always wanted to climb underneath, but it was much too dirty.  Seems like we haven’t been there in ages.  Anyway…

I think it’s just a virus or cache corruption or something, but it’s making me curious.  I don’t feel well enough to leave the house, though.  I wish someone could check it out and tell me if there’s anything interesting there.  I should hire servants.  I really should.



8 thoughts on “Unwell

  1. We went to the bench and found an imprinted letter that said
    I am writing this so you don’t forget who I am. I need you to trust Isaac. He is a good man and only did what he had to do. Above all, trust yourself. Go play your favorite Beethoven piece. ”
    The letter was imprinted as if it were written on a piece of paper atop this piece of paper.


    1. That is very unsettling indeed. Who would write such a note? My favorite piece is “Pathetique”. I have the sheet music around here somewhere. I will have to go through some boxes to find it. Thank you so much for doing that.


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