I am extremely disturbed by the note that was left for me at Sevier Park.  It read:

“Stacy, I am writing this so you don’t forget who I am.  I need you to trust Isaac.  He is a good man and only did what he had to do.  Above all, trust yourself.  Go play your favorite Beethoven piece.”

Thank you so much to Jordan and Keith for finding it for me, but I have to ask: Why would someone leave me a note like this?  Why would I not trust Isaac?  I have so many questions, and I feel like I am falling deeper and deeper into this fog that I call my mind.

I spent all day yesterday looking through boxes to find “Sonata in C Minor” since it is my favorite Beethoven piece.  Honestly, I had not remembered that I even played piano until I placed the music on the stand.  As I began to play, I noticed there were markings on some of the pages:






I wish I could figure out what this means…

Alas, I don’t have time to try and figure it out.  Isaac and I are going to dinner tonight to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day.  Some cities even have conferences celebrating her.  It’s important to Isaac, and I feel like maybe it has been important to me too.  Our dog is named after her and all!



14 thoughts on “Pathetique

  1. Stacy, I hope the playing of the piece relaxed you. I am not musically gifted, but noticing the strange markings on the music pages…. they seemed to be numbered. By that I mean #1 is 36, #2 is 13, #3 is 48, #4 is 52, #5 is a”-“, and since I’m not musically inclined…. I’m not sure what #6 represents, #7 is a “.”, #8 is 79, #9 is 41 and #10 is 73. Maybe I’m a little crazy, but that’s what I see when I look at the pages. Hopefully this helps you.


    1. Peanut: Oh! Those are in order! I wasn’t putting that together. #6 is a music bar (or measure). Each of those boxes are bars. So, for example on the first page, alone, there are a total of 10 bars. I still don’t know what it means though. Hmm.


      1. I don’t know what #6 would be (though it’s only one bar), but for example on page 22, it shows bars 42-54. The little tiny boxes are the numbers of the bars as they appear in the piece. If I get music that has no page numbers, I can always look at the bars to figure out where I am in the music.


  2. So the bar that I highlighted is bar 86….. I get it now…….. I wonder if you highlighted those items or if Issac did it for you…… I’ll keep mulling it over. How did sleep last night?


  3. Stacy, I have asked a group of friends to look this over, and we think we came up with something. It looks like the numbers decode into longitude and latitude for a location at Belmont University. Did you go there???? Did Isaac go there??? One of us might head over to look at Belmont and see if there’s anything there.


    1. Stacy., when we went to Belmont, we found a set of riddles that spelled out a word – Vitruvius. Does he hold any significance to you?


  4. Stacy, Keith went to Belmont and found some sheets of papers that contained riddles. The group I had mention has solved the riddles to determine it spells out Vitruvius. When I Google that it points to a Roman author known for his multi-volume work entitled De architectura….. the game is afoot!!!


  5. Vitruvius’s writings were centered around Greek and Roman buildings. That leads me to believe this may have something to do with the Parthenon in Nashville. If vitruvius doesn’t have a specific meaning for you, does the Parthenon?


  6. Hmmm… It’s possible I’ve been to Belmont before. I cannot be sure. For some reason, Vitruvius makes me think of Leonardo DaVinci. I’m not sure why….I feel like that word is important for some reason, but I cannot remember. I am going to have to do some research. I will let you know what I find. Thank you so much for your help.


  7. Stacy, what about some other local locations:
    Vitruvian Co
    512 Old Hickory Blvd # 2008
    Nashville TN 37209-6105

    Vitruvian Sound
    2300 Franklin Pike
    Berry Hill, TN 37204

    Do either of these sound familiar? The second one is an audio production place, perhaps linking to the sheet music discovered earlier?


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