Thank you for all your information on Vitruvius!  You guys are awesome!  

Enryelle (love that name, very unique!), I have never heard that about the Parthenon.  The last time I went to Centennial Park, I believe I photographed a wedding.

Keith, yes I do find the “Vitruvian Man” a fascinating drawing by Leonardo DaVinci.  It has always piqued my interest in human anatomy.


Jason, I had no clue that there was an audio engineering location in Nashville called “Vitruvian Sound”.  That is very interesting.  It led me to google “Vitruvius music” and I found this very interesting article (which does require download to read):

The more I search, the more befuddled I feel.  While all of these things are interesting, I don’t know how they pertain to me.  I accidentally clicked the “home” button and it took me here:

My husband works for this company, so it did not seem odd that this would be the home page; however, as I was reading company posts, it prompted me for a password.  So, I thought I would try “Vitruvius”.

But all I got was an access denied page.  Pfft.



2 thoughts on “Research

  1. Stacy,
    I’m wondering if you actually read the entire text that you found when the “home” button pulled up your husband’s work site? It’s lengthy, but I wonder if you read all of it?


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