I repainted the door to the basement.  Looks like new!  I went into the kitchen to wash up, and I saw Isaac coming out of the basement.  I had no idea he was even down there.  I was about to say something to him when he practically ran out the door.  He messaged me after and told me that his uncle’s Gall bladder had ruptured, and he had to go see him in the hospital.

I picked up the paint supplies and tried to open the basement door to store them, but it was locked.  Why would Isaac lock the door?  I didn’t want to bother him so I decided to temporarily store the paint in the pantry.  I opened the bottom cabinet and this note fell out.  I have no idea what to make of it.



Later that night, Isaac came home tired and looked distressed.  Through his anguish, he said he was sorry that he had not been at home as much and that work was really wearing him out.  I hope he feels better soon.



5 thoughts on “Renovation

  1. I think it looks like a cross-section of an anatomical picture of an eyeball. But maybe once we determine the answers to the crossword puzzle, it will help. We are very close in determining the co-ordinates based on the crossword puzzle answers. I do have a question though…… Why would Isaac keep a door locked and not allow you a key???? What else is in the basement?????


    1. Interesting. Though I don’t remember an eyeball being color coded like that. I’m sure he has a good reason for locking it. Whenever I’ve put Lovelace outside she tries to open the basement window. Maybe he’s afraid burglars will get in through the basement. My thoughts on the situation have been downright phrenetic.


  2. Hi Stacy, all the clues on the puzzle had to do with the subject of phrenology Does that hold any meaning to you? We also got coordinates to a location on Vanderbilt near the alumni lawn.

    Is the window to the basement something you could open and look inside?


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