A Clue

I just noticed where I recognize the map of Nashville from, my husband has this chart hanging on the wall of his office:

The crossword name is A Perceptive Pseudoscience…. Is it talking about Phrenology?



6 thoughts on “A Clue

  1. Stacy when we solved the crossword, which did in fact have to do with phrenology, it gave us coordinates to a location on Vanderbilt. Once there we discovered that there were eight location on campus to visit. Each appears to have a key word associated with it and the collection of them had an overall philosophy theme to it. Below are my notes of what I found.

    Portal 1- Faults – all men have faults Confucius.
    Portal 2 – Shadow – value of illusion – shadow more important than substance Rhys
    Portal 3 – Madness -jung give madness life. Man imposes rules. Let the light of your madness shine and it will dawn on you
    Portal 4 – To be or not to be -Shakespeare
    Portal 5 – Reborn -ghandi. When I sleep I die when I wake I am reborn
    Portal 6 – Mirror – every man carries thru his life a mirror Auden
    Portal 7 – Memory – Steven king. Memories are contrary things. Quit chasing and turn your back and they return
    Portal 8 a solipsis – Everyone sees their own reflection in the mirror of thought – Rubin & I think therefore I am decartes

    The self is all that is known to exist – solipsis


      1. I need to think. I’m so confused right now. I’ve never heard of the term solipsis. If I can get Lovelace to come to me, I’m going to take her for a walk and think. Besides, I need to buy more paint anyway. She’s been scratching again.


  2. Stacy, solipsism is a theory that the self is all that can be known to exist. Alan Turing suggested that machines can think, and he addressed different potential objections to his theory, one of which is that the only way to know if a machine thinks is to be the machine and feel yourself thinking (solipsistic interpretation).

    Lady Lovelace objected to Turing’s theory by stating that machines cannot themselves have consciousness and that their ability to “think” must always be bounded by what humans teach them to do. They are constrained by their programming.

    I’m interested in how you came up with the name Lovelace for your dog. Have you studied the philosophies of Turing or Lovelace?


    1. Yes, I know her well. Isaac is a huge admirer of Ada Lovelace and we named our dog after her. Being married to Isaac as long as I have, trust me when I say I know quite a bit about her. Isaac calls her one of the greatest minds, the outcome of her poetic father, Lord Byron, and mathematically gifted mother, Annabella Byron. Alan Turing sounds familiar, I am pretty certain I’ve heard Isaac talk about him before in connection with Lovelace. I’m not familiar at all with solipsis or solipsism.


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