The Note

In my attempt to preserve us I have destroyed your faith in me, endeavoring to create a better Tithonus. I’ve only managed to create an elaborate origami. I always run Stacy. I ran from Gray’s death, I ran from yours. Reality’s hand grips me by the throat no matter my pleading. I can’t and won’t hide forever. I can’t seem to let you go. Stacy, I don’t have all the answers, but when you’re ready – look at the Ada picture stored on my computer. Your timeline ended in 2015 but I deleted that to restore you, maybe you can delete her line to restore her as well.

I found this picture, ada.png, on Isaac’s laptop, but I  can’t seem to open it.




4 thoughts on “The Note

    1. Keith, yes. My husband worked with several Vanderbilt neurologists to create this company. The company created another branch to research extracting and restoring memories which is now Cyber Anamnesis. My husband became the director of this branch. He worked with a close colleague and friend of his, Pierre-Francois DHaese, to model and simulate patterns for brain disorders. I know my memory is not the best but wasn’t there some connection with Vanderbilt and a “mission”.someone had done before?


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