I called Pierre. He’s agreed to have dinner with me tonight. Now it’s time to get my answers. We’ll meet at Watermark at 6; are there any specific questions I need to be ready to ask?



3 thoughts on “Pierre

  1. Stacy, I think I would ask what role you played in isaac’s “experiment. ” By this I mean, whose body is “your ” mind currently inhabiting? I believe you may have the brain of Ada Lovelace, but unless I’m mistaken, I also believe the body in the basement once belonged to “you. ”
    Wow, that sounds crazy!


  2. Stacy, I agree on asking about the questions Keith posed. I’d also ask if they were experimenting with the ability to “live forever”. The reference Issac made in the note to Thanatos refers to a titan that Greek goddess Eros granted immortality to. The “better aspect I would suspect means a way around aging (the mistake Eros made was not also granting eternal youth)


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